Estimate Master

Estimating tool for any business

A estimating app that is flexible and customizable for your business

Estimate Master for iPad

Easily create estimates that fit your business

Customizable estimate fields and cost basis categories. Create custom labor tasks using multiple labor rates. Create custom estimate / proposal / bid document for your business.


* A database of your customers, estimates, parts, materials, labor tasks / rates, taxes, and markup percentages.

* Allows you to define parts, materials and labor rates and activities specific to your business.

* Quick, easy and accurate estimate creation from your database of parts, materials and labor items.

* Easy to duplicate, combine and update estimates.

* Keep unlimited notes by estimate project.

* Organizes parts, materials and / or labor items into assemblies for fast estimate creation.

* Creates a formal bid / proposal document with your personalized comments that you can print or email directly to customers using unlimited number of customizable templates.

* Multiple templates contain logo image, standard terms text, formatting and page size, orientation and positioning information. Use templates to create bids, proposals, estimates and invoices

* Markup can be applied to all, materials separately & labor separately, or individually to material / labor items.

* Customizable estimate columns.

* Unlimited customizable cost basis categories including per item, per length, per length - weight, percentage of job, etc.

* Estimate items can be partitioned, grouped and subtotaled with custom ordering.

* Totals costs and optionally weight.

* Works with English Standard and Metric measurements.

* Does not require internet access to function.

* Includes 31 day free trial. Thereafter subscribe for $3.99 per month, or $35.99 (USD) annually.

Easily works with any tax structure

Keeps tax info for multiple taxing districts

* Choose to include markup or not in taxes
* Exempt certain items from taxes
* Apply "piggy back" taxes as in some Canadian provinces
* Apply taxes individually by estimate
* Auto assignment of tax rates (or none) on new estimates if desired

Apply markup intelligently

Keep your commonly used markups for different customers

* Add different or same markup to labor and materials
* Exempt certain items from markup
* Apply markup individually by estimate
* Auto assignment of markup (or none) on new estimates if desired

Protect your database

Backup, archive and restore your Estimate Master database via email.

Sync with iCloud

Share your Estimate Master database between users in your organization. Works with Estimate Master on both iPads and Macs. And no additional cost.