Workout Comparator

Workout Comparator

A HealthKit accessory that enhances your Apple Watch or compatible device workout sessions

Workout Comparator for iPhone

Compare your HealthKit workout sessions

Workout Comparator will show your workout sessions where they can be sorted in 10 different ways. Graphic charts show heart rate, speed, and elevation. Workout route maps are annotated with heart rate, color coded speed and elevation.

Workout Comparator allows setting common scales for all your workout sessions. Select particular workout sessions and graph heart rate, speed and elevation during the workout.

Set upper and lower bounds for heart rate, speeds and elevation. Exclude beginning and ending periods that might be irrelevant. Display individual graphs separately or together.


* Workout sessions are displayed in a grid where they can be sorted by date, user, type, active calories, steps, heartrate, distance, pace, duration, temperature or elevation gain.

* Workout sessions can be exported via e-mail from one Workout Comparator App to another allowing comparisons on the same screen of different person's workouts.

* Select multiple workout sessions for single screen comparison.

* Easily adjust heart rate, speed, and elevation scales and beginning and ending offset seconds.

* Graph heart rate, speed, elevation separarely or together in same graph.

* Shows annotated workout route maps.

* Works with any iPhone running IOS 15 or later.

* Supports IOS dark mode.

* One month free trial, thereafter $.99 monthly or $4.99 per year (USD) subscription fee.

Workout Comparator for iPhone