Air Audio

Air Audio

An audio app that allows you to record and organize streaming music tunes

Air Audio for iPhone & iPad

Record and organize tunes from streaming music sites

Air Audio will record and itemize songs from streaming music sites and allow you to play back selectively.

Play back audio from Air Audio's own audio library to your local device speakers, earbuds, or to any Airplay device in your home.


* Automatically records audio from any Airplay device in your home.

* Automatically itemizes music titles, artists, albums in Air Audio's own audio library.

* The Air Audio built-in audio library allows instant creation of playlists.

* Play audio from the Air Audio library to internal device speakers, wireless or wired earbuds or to any Airplay device in your home.

* Sort Air Audio library by song duration, date of recording, title, artist or album name, etc.

* Supports IOS dark mode.

* Works with any iPhone or iPad running IOS 14 or later.

* 14 day free trial, thereafter $6.99 per year (USD) subscription fee.