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Low cost, high quality and comprehensive software


Our products:

  • Estimate Master.  General purpose estimating software. Adaptable by virtue of an open database, customizable estimate fields, customizable cost basis categories and multiple document templates.  Estimate software for any business! Apps available for MAC OSX and iPad IOS.





1/15/2016: Estimate Master 3.01 for iPad is available.

1/13/2016: Estimate Master 3.00 for Mac is available.

9/24/2015: Estimate Master 2.60 for iPad is available.

8/25/2015: Estimate Master 2.60 for Mac is available.

5/27/2015: Estimate Master 2.30 for iPad is available.

5/20/2015: Estimate Master 2.30 for Mac is available.

5/10/2015: Estimate Master 2.20 for iPad is available.

4/30/2015: Estimate Master 2.20 for Mac is available.

4/14/2015: Estimate Master 2.10 for iPad is available.

4/10/2015: Estimate Master 2.10 for Mac is available.

3/12/2015: Estimate Master 2.06 for Mac is available.

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